August 09, 2009

Doggie Luv I am off food for this one.  But I must let you know that our daughter Lucia loves dogs as much as she loves food!  And more times than not, on our way to have a meal, we are stopped by one or twenty one dogs along the way.  This has proven to be quite a deterrent to getting to meals in a timely manner, as one never knows just how many dogs one may encounter while walking the very dog friendly streets of the Bay Area.

Seemingly from the time she was born, LuLu has been a dog person.  Yes, of course we have had our darling pitbull mix Bella three years prior to the time Lucia was born.  Of course, we cannot forget our big goofy boy Bruno, Bella's lovable and handsome mastiff pitt mix and companion.  We have many other dogs in our lives...there is Alfie, our dear friend Lisa's adorable white poodle.  There's Sparky, the Austrailian herding dog that lives with our friends Mary, Rick and Brendan in Fairfield, who lights up like a light bulb every time he hears Lucia's voice.  Of course we cannot forget Dixie, my Mother's bichon frisee that Lucia knew just for six months as a baby; and then dear Blondie....Bella's rival pitmix girl next door.  Lucia loves them all.

But our darling daughter does not discriminate.  She stops and gives her total attention to any dog that will have it.  And let's face it, rare is a dog that will not have a doggie girl's ardent stroking and sweet talk in their ears!  As for the doggie Mama and Daddies...well who doesn't want a cute little kid fawning all over their dog?  It would be like proud parents telling someone not to stop and admire their baby in a stroller!

As you can imagine, this can put a dent in the timing of our meals, or for that matter, getting to just about any place in a timely fashion!  The clock stands still while our girl offers her tender touch.  Only afterwards do we look at our cell phones and realize that we have spent a good 10 or 20 minutes in worship of some stranger's canine.  Ah well....I guess there are worse ways to spend an afternoon and after all, if it is true that what goes around comes around, our patience and Lucia's TLC will serve us well down the road.



Not to mention making new human friends perhaps? Alfie says thanks for the mention by the way! So excited you are here and lending your voice to the blog world. You are a fantastic writer and I look forward to reading more M!
Love Lisa & Alfie

ChefGirl said...

Thanks Lisa and Alfie! Human friends are almost as good as doggie friends ;)