September 14, 2009

Rainy Day Fantasy

Saturday morning, Lucia and I awoke to the unthinkable in the Bay Area in September.
Rain!  Wow!  My heart automatically started yearning for the crunch of Fall colors beneath
my feet and the smell of Autumn coming on.

I love the rain.  Especially when I don't have to drive in it! Though it was no where close to 
being cold or even "brisk", we quickly decided to dress quickly and hop on Bart to go to the
Ferry Plaza Farmer's market.  As Lucia commented on the Oakland roof tops and the other 
Bart trains whizzing by, I let my mind wander, thinking that our trip to the market today 
might be blessed with less tourists because of the rain, and that after my business was done,
we might be able to endulge the moody day by sitting under the eaves, watching the grey
clouds dart around the newly reopened Bay Bridge, and sip the amazingly thick, and not 
too sweet warm chocolate from a cup, dolluped with just whipped, not to sweet cream.

Happy Rainy Day!!

Note:  There were less tourists, but the Ferry Plaza is always crowded, and after actually getting
our warm chocolate and watching the clouds, we met up with our friend Alice Waters.  Lucia and
Alice love each other and hugged ardently and with great enthusiasm!  Truly great day!

PS.....Boulette's larder also makes AMAZING English Muffins on Saturday!

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